RG-AP1500N In-Wall AP

The Radius Gateway RG-AP1500N in-wall access point provides 150Mbps Internet access for guests right in their rooms and throughout your property. The RG-AP1500N can be installed almost anywhere in a hospitality setting, allowing you to bring Wi-Fi closer to the end user than can be done with conventional access points.

The RG-AP1500N offers an all-in-one in-wall data and phone port, so you don’t need to clutter up guests rooms with boxes and antennas. The access point offers wired and wireless connections, with Wi-Fi security available through WEP and WPA/WPA2 encryption options. Settings are adjustable to match the needs of each room, so the lowest necessary RF output can be used to avoid conflicts between units. And for ease of use, RG-AP1500N can be controlled by the Radius Gateway line of access gateways.

The RG-AP1500N can easily be integrated into your existing network for easier, more cost-effective deployment. It can easily be installed by a systems integrator and can be tied into your existing authentication, authorization, and billing systems.

With a practical, thoughtful, and compact design, the RG-AP1500N has 3 levels of adjustment with patented retractable screws to fit any wall jack, and its low profile is suitable for stylish hotels, luxury houses, and MDUs (Multi-Dwelling Units).


  • Wireless and wired Internet connections for handheld devices, laptops, and IPTV in any hospitality setting
  • All-In-One Hotel Room Internet Access
    • One RJ-45 port for connecting IPTV and laptops
    • One RJ-11 port for connecting telephone devices
    • Smallest available wireless access point for iPhone, iPad, Android, and other mobile devices
  • Avoid Channel Conflict – Adjustable output power of wireless signals allows just enough coverage for a single room without interference in other rooms
  • Easy to Install – No need for new wiring for Internet installation; reuse your existing network infrastructure for lower installation costs and ongoing energy savings (vs. separate AP)
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