RG-CC Cloud Controller

The Radius Gateway RG-CC Cloud Controller simplifies control and management of your guest WiFi network by providing a simple, cost-effective way to monitor, manage, and troubleshoot your entire network through a single Control Panel (aka Dashboard).

The Cloud Controller offers analytics and reporting to help meet brand standards for guest WiFi. With the Cloud Controller, you can view statistics and historical data for your entire network via a single interface that’s accessible via your phone, tablet, or laptop from anywhere you have access to the cloud. You gain increased visibility into when, where, and how your guests are accessing your network and what services and devices they’re using, as well as better insight into network performance.

The Cloud Controller also enables you to manage all your access points (APs) from a single interface, eliminating the cost, effort, and confusion of managing each AP separately with a variety of single-purpose, vendor-specific hardware. The RG‑CC gives you complete control over your network resources for an improved guest experience. And the Cloud Controller works with a wide variety of APs for increased flexibility to meet your property’s needs.

With the RG-CC, you also gain simplified scalability. When you need to grow your network, it’s easy to add APs and implement the same policies across your network; the controller also handles traffic routing for improved performance. Automatic channelization capabilities also result in a better WiFi experience by using the best available channel without needing to switch manually. The Cloud Controller also offers improved network security and easier authentication for guests, lessening helpdesk calls.

Features include:

  • Analytics and reporting
    • AP list
    • Total users
    • 4 GHz users
    • 5 GHz users
    • Average signal
    • 4GHz signal
    • 5GHz signal
    • Graph history of station (client) and signal strength
    • Graph history of AP throughput
  • AP control
    • SSID groups – configure SSIDs with a group name; assign each AP to an AP group
    • SSID control
    • 4/5Ghz broadcast
    • Client isolation
    • Hidden SSID
    • Encryption
    • VLAN tagging
    • Minimum signal RSSI
    • AP status detail
    • AP client list and search
    • AP logs
    • Reboot AP

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