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Radius Gateway: Simply Better Guest WiFi

Hardware Made for Guest Networks

Radius Gateway gateways and access points have been designed to meet the specific needs of managed guest networks.

Cloud-Based Dashboard

Our cloud-based Dashboard allows you to view your network at a glance and gain valuable information about how your network is being used.

Guest-Centric Features

Features such as automatic bypass for game consoles and "Remember Me" for repeat visitors yield an improved experience and happier guests.


Radius Gateway offers fast, simple, full-featured solutions for guest WiFi networks.

PMS Integration

Our solutions optionally support a number of popular Property Management System (PMS) interfaces (may require purchase of PMS interface).

Cloud-Based Dashboard

Our Cloud-Based Dashboard gives you the information you need to manage your network, for a fraction of the cost of similar management systems.

"Remember Me" Function

Simplify logins and personalize the guest experience with Remember Me, designed to recognize and authenticate the devices of repeat guests.

Automatic Bypass

Some guest devices, such as iOS devices and game consoles, have no easy way to access your network. Automatic bypass provides a way to for guests to get access.

Custom Splash Pages

When guests log into your network, they can see your logo, your content- whatever you want to display to connect with your guests and build a stronger relationship.

Social Media Login

Your guests can use their existing logins for popular social media sites instead of creating new email logins, providing you with more opportunities to connect.



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